4x4 LED Projector


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This is a projector that uses LEDs to make simple patterns, shapes, and text. It is a 4x4 LED matrix that's controlled and powered by a computer's parallel port. The software used to control it is QBasic. The code pretty much consists of "Change Output, Pause, Change Output, Pause...", therefore, it takes a very long time to write code for it. If anybody knows of an easier solution, I'd love to hear it.


The case is made from an SNES's power wart. The lens is from an old camera I took apart, one of these. I don't exactly remember what part, though. Somewhere in the main lens assembly. You focus the projector by sliding the lens in and out. It can focus on spaces as small as my hand or as big as my wall:


Here's the guts:


Very simple. Some close up shots of the main electronics:





The LEDs are all wonky because I hadn't bent them into place just yet.

So that's it. I'll likely put up a video up soon, and no, I won't make a how-to. Sorry. ;)
There's a little more info and pictures on my blog here. That's currently the only post and it will probably stay that way. :p
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :awesomemario:
Pretty cool for a simple project of scavenged parts. Now what if you controlled it with a microcontroller, used RGB LEDs, and wrote a program to control it through a serial port. Hmmm....
I love simple projects like this, such fun.

Seriously, stuff like this makes me giddy, it's fairly simple, not terribly difficult, and the results are just fun to screw around with!

I think I may have to do the same, although, I have a much larger LED matrix to use ;)
And USB control ::3: