WTS: screens, videogame stuff


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i have several things i would like to sell.

-one zenith ps2 screen (its a knockoff psone screen) its got a bad pixel, but other than that, its mint. 35$ plus shipping

-one snes mini mobo. caps are relocated, and its bare. i got it from gannon, and he told me it worked. its untested. make offers

-one psp 1000. works great, although the faceplate is really beat up. (i have ordered a new faceplate, but its not here yet. (DX))
it can come with:
-1 gig memory card
- ratchet and clank, size matters
- killzone: liberation
- GTA: liberty city stories
- patapon
-chargers, wall and car.
make offers on the psp. i can sell anything individually, or as a lot. i dont care.

so yeah. i accept paypal, or conceal-a-cash (cash mailed in an envolope) but its not my problem if it goes missing, or anything.
i am cleaning my desk tomorrow, so i should have lots of stuff to add. :awesome: