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Hey guys, I am in need of a bit of extra cash so I am starting this post on my computer and will be adding shots of everything that I have. I still need to test some of it but it should all be 100% working.

I have a Sega Genesis 16bit, its the gen 1, (16bit and 24 bit wrong info sorry), with a SegaCD attachment. I have a couple controllers, power cables for everything, and quite a few games. I DO have an extra genesis up for sale as well.
Sega Gen v1 with 1 controller: $35
Sega Gen v2 with 1 controller: $45
Sega Gen v1 with 1 controller Sega CD with 2 games: $120
Sega Gen v2 with 1 controller Sega CD with 2 games: $130
Games:(sold separately)
Game Genie: $10
EA sports nhl 94’ : $4
Espn national hockey night: $3
nhlpa hockey 93’: $5
nhl 97’: $10 (With some research, since I have never owned a sega this is a Saturn title.)
Ms. pacman: $5
batman forever: $20
sonic the hedgehog 1 (3 coppies): $5
tnn outdoors-bass tournament 96’: $2
champions world class soccer: $5
mortal kombat 1: $10
ea sports nhl 95’: $5
ea sports nhl 96’: $5
sonic the hedgehog spinball: $10
world series baseball: $5
ea sports tony la russa baseball: $5
adventure island: $10
nhl 98’: $5
usa basketball: $5
lion king: $4
greatest heaviweights: $5
super battleship-naval combat $10
Sonic 3: $10
Boogerman: a Pick and Flick Adventure: $10
Mortal Kombat 3: $10

I have one NES toaster style system, comes with rf mod, power adapter, a controller or 2. With the NES if you want I can CIC mod them free of charge by request only.
Games:(Sold Separately)
tmnt 1
tmnt 2
wayne gretz hockey
bases loaded 1 (*2)
bases loaded 2
wwf wrestle mania
pin bot
blades of steel
punch out
3-1 mario,duck,track
maniac mansion
milons secret castle
a boy and his blob
john elways qbc
roger/clemensmvp baseball
donkey kong jr math
legend of zelda
kabuki quantum fighter
friday the 13th
astyanax (2)
10yrd fight
bart vs space mutants
donkey kong arcade
metal gear
super c
ikari warriors (2)
alpha mission
star scotch tape the wires (better than solder imo)
rush n attack
super mario 3 (2)
clash of demon head
wild gunman
elevator action
star scotch tape the wires (better than solder imo)
double dragon 3
top gun 2

Added Consoles:
SNES first gen console. Has power adapter, I can throw in a new style AV cable, rf mod unsure as of now.
Games:(Sold Separately)
Ken griffy major league baseball
- super mario world (2 copies)
- Nba jam
- street fighter 2 turbo
- killer instinct
- mickey mania
- world heros
- ea sports madden 97’
- d-force
- donkey kong country 1
- donkey kong country 2 – diddys kong quest

Sony Playstation and PS1 consoles 1 each. PS1 does not have the power adapter, or AV Cables. Playstation has both.
- ai games bowling (2 copies)
- vr sports baseball 97’
- ea sports madden 98’
- mlb 98’
- nfl blitz 98’
- nba basketball 2000
- eas ncaa football 99’
- ea sports nba live 98’
- cool boarders 3
- wwf warzone
- ai games snowboarding
- reel fishing
- ea sports mlb 99’
- ea sports nhl 97’ (2 copies)
- the final round konami xxl sports series
- need for speed-high stakes
- need for speed-hot pursuit 3
- dare devil derby 3d
- driver
- nascar rumble
- test drive 5
- jet moto 1
- jet moto 2
- jet moto 3
- interactive demo
- soul blade
- a bugs life
- army men 3d
- nuclear strike
- duke nukem-total meltdown
- tenchu-stealth assassins

Sony Playstion 2 one phat and 3 slim (70XXX)
- need for speed-underground
- hot shots golf 3
- singstar 90’s (mic required)
- nba street
- grand theft auto-vice city
- sing star-pop (mic required)
- super monkey ball adventure
- tony hawks pro skater 4
- tony hawks-underground
- world series of poker official game
- ncaa 08’
- desert storm 2-back to baghdad

I have a couple dmg gameboys untested right now. I gameboy color needs to be tested. I have a ds lite that I need to look at. Top screen back light shows up but the screen has to be at a certain angle to work. I have a pink ds works fine. I have more but I can't really think of it since its all in boxes and not in front of me.
Games:(mix consoles on these)
- pacman
- bill and teds excellent adventure
- jaleco-in your face
- mighty morphin power rangers
- donkey kong land 2
- tetris (2 copies)
- tetris plus
- paper boy
- super r.c. pro am
- super mario land
- dr. mario (2 copies)
- metroid-return of samus

There are alot of accessories that I have to go through this text file and reorganize everything. Pics soon I just haven't had the time to go get them. Prices are negotiable as well. So if you see anything you like please let me know.

Also, if anyone is interested I have 4 g3 imacs that don't have the keyboard to them. So I can gut them and put what ever you want inside for commission of course. I know I really don't have the rep to do commissions around here but if interested take a look at my gcp work log for quality of work and soldering. viewtopic.php?f=26&t=1398 As you can see I am about quality work with no short cuts. If any one is interested either post here or send me a PM.

I will accept payment via paypal. International shipping rates will be discussed with the party via pms only. I will prefer those be handled by FedEx or the like. All US buyers will be USPS unless you want it to be done otherwise. Buyer takes full responsibility of paying the shipping charges. If you want insurance you must pay for it. I will be wrapping everything up very nicely as well so prices do reflect the cost of packaging. I want everyone to get what they ordered nice and in good condition.

Right now no prices, I have alot to look up so for the moment its on request basis.

Thanks for stopping by.
The gbc is clear and I need to test that. I am pretty sure I have a gbasp but in black. I need to go through all of my inventory.
Prices and pics soon. I have alot to go through right now and my current job is not giving me about of time to do that. Hopefully I'll have some stuff up tonight. @xcvg I may that it sold already, the Dang thing is huge, on one side the genesis goes the the cd sits to the right. Console kinda slides in like a cart.
You mean like this?

What the Heck is a 24-bit SEGA Genesis?
Added prices to the sega stuff. will add pics later on along with the prices for the rest of the stuff. Should have the rest of the prices in the next day with pics to follow.