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It started last night and now my town has a small layer, but it's still snowing. I love snow. Hopefully the weather doesn't effect egg wars on the 31st.

Does anyone else have snow yet?
Theres no snow where I live...ever. I've only seen "snow" once when I went on vacation to New York, but I'm not sure if it even counts because it was such a small amount (not even enough to make a proper snowball).
If we get more then 2 inches of snow, my school district usually closes school :lol:.

We get snow usually from late December to early March. It actually didn't start snowing here until just a couple years ago. Climate change?
It's gonna stay in the low to mid 70's for us for a while.

We won't see snow until January usually, and even then, it'll only happen once or twice.

HOWEVER, year before last, we had some ridiculous storm, snowed for some WEEKS on end.
This is the desert, NOBODY here knew what to do. (Idiots)

Was pretty awesome, made a bundle on shoveling snow.
ShockSlayer said:
It doesn't snow in SC.



I used to live in NC and one year there was a HUGE ice storm! The house I lived in was on a hill and the hill itself had frozen into a solid peice of ice, like a hockey ring but slanted!

Holy *Can'tSayThisOnTV* it was so much fun sliding down that! :ninj:

It never snows in Georgia, most you can hope for is one day with a inch tops. :cry4:
theres snow here! it wasnt snowing last night, and it wasnt snowing this morning, but when i arose, there was white stuff all over. still is. its about 20 degrees here. :awesome:

I almost moved to Key Largo one year to get away from sub-70 degree weather. Should have done it, but I'm glad I didn't.
Where I used to live it's probably snowing. Where I live now, we're lucky to get one week of snow in the entire year.