Wii Screen- 2 versions


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I bought an Intec Wii screen. Seems there are two versions of it. The expensive, older one, which has composite, s-video, and component jacks that I saw on the internet (lets call it V1). And then there is this updated cheapo model that has no input jacks and only composite under the hood (call it V2). The kicker? They look almost the same.

There are a few differences though:
-the V1 has grey "bumpers" on the top section, they are white on the V2
-the V1 has 5 rather than 4 buttons, and the buttons are white rather than chrome
-hard to tell but some markings look darker on the V1
-can't tell from bad pics, but I think the Intec logo is printed on the V1

Has anyone else noticed this? Are there two models, or did they stealthily swap them with a price cut at the same time? My research tends towards the latter. I checked the future shop website (I bought it at future shop) which clearly shows the V1 model and has the description for the V1 model. Also, in an evil twist, the box of my V2 has a picture of the V1 on it. The intec website shows a V1. I can't say for certain but I believe the model number is the same (G5671-A, maybe the A means the V2). I've noticed the 360 screen come on sale cheap too recently. Perhaps they have done it to that one as well? Can you say, BAIT AND SWITCH?!

Pictures, for comparison (I'll find better ones soon):

If anyone has more info, or better pics, please post here!

OK, now time for my experiences with the Intec Wii Screen. I bought it on sale for $49.99 with a free disc cleaner at Future Shop (Canadian, but owned by Best Buy now). They didn't have any disc cleaners so I got a free Wii bag instead. My N64 ALMOST, but DOESN'T QUITE fit in it. Well it does, but not with a controller or power supply. Anyway I found out that it had no power supply, only a car adaptor (it uses the Wii one). Okay, cool, I have a 12V power supply ($5 at a thrift store). But it has no inputs. WTF?! It supposed to have inputs! I inferred that this is a cheaper model that I bought. Ok, it was only $50. So I opened it up and modded it. I added AV inputs but I sacrificed the Wii interface to make room. Oh well, don't own a Wii, probably never will. There are 3 screws underneath. One is under the middle label, the other are under little white screw-covers. The front two parts are friction fit, I meesed up one side a little while prying with a screwdriver. The wire colors for the signals were weird. They go like this Red=video, Yellow=L audio, White=R audio. Green and blue are ground. I can't guarentee this will be the same for others, so you'll have to do what I did and reverse-engineer with a pinout and multimeter, then find out that the pinout is labeled on the other side. Anyway, my dad did the drilling (because I suck), I wired it up, tested, okay cool. It works, I put it together. The picture quality is pretty good, but it is stretched, though you won't notice most likely. The thing is topheavy and falls over without a Wii. I plan to build an N64p in the bottom if I ever get the parts and money.
themadhacker said:
how is the screen quality? Did intec improve on screens since the ps2 and xbox screen abominations?

It's pretty good, not great, but pretty good. Off axis is okay. Keep in mind that it stretches to widescreen and there is no way to change that.
I'm back and I've done some digging, but all I've figured out is:

1. The old model has the model number G-5671, the new one is G-5671-A.
2. There's no way to tell which model you have until you open the box.
3. Online retailers are still charging for the V1 but probably are selling the V2.

Does anyone have the V1 model? If so, I'd like some pictures. Also, did it ever have inputs, or is Intec lying about their product's capabilities?
I wonder if Blue/Green ground could be connections for Component input. I have a v2 and I'm using the screen as a temp monitor for my PC using the composite/rca connection (red wire) as an input. However, the image that outputs doesn't take up the whole screen and there's black bars on the right and upper part of the screen at any resolution. Any suggestions from people who have done something similar or have experience with this screen?