Where to wire capacitor leg?


I've been cutting down my board, and all is well, except I need to trim about another 2 mm off my motherboard. No problem, except it requires me to move an electrolytic capacitor.

I don't have to move the positive end, but the negative leg will be in the way. Is it okay for me to just wire it to any ground point on the board? If not, crap. I almost have a genesis 3 fitting in an SL-68p case.
Not ALL cap negatives are wired to ground. :wtf:

Check if it's ground first.
How do I check to see if it's ground? Do I take a multimeter to the negative leg and ground, then put the multimeter on the continuity setting?
I flipped over the board and took a look, it's pretty obvious that it opens up to a common ground. :hit: Oh well, I ended up omitting it and my system still works fine. Thanks for the help, though! :dah: