Repairing a Nomad beyond capacitor replacement

So I am trying to repair a Sega Nomad I picked up that has no sound. I did a full capacitor replacement on the system, but no luck, sound still totally dead. The volume pot seems to check out too, though perhaps just slightly unbalanced between L/R channels.

Any advice on where I go with trouble shooting from here? It occurred to me that if the amp is the problem, mods that replace the amp like Mega Amp or CCAM might help, but advice on what to look for before pulling the trigger on buying parts for those would be helpful. Just not sure how to efficiently isolate the problem. Thanks!

Did some more poking around at things. While powered up, I tried measuring voltage across electrolytic caps. I'm seeing no voltage across CE207 or CE208, but I'm seeing normal looking values on other caps near the audio part of the board. Dunno if people want me to provide reference photos of the board, but for reference, those two caps are both relatively large in size and rated 100uf 6V

I also did some ohm meter testing around the audio port with the device powered off. I'm seeing very low resistance between the pins sticking out of the audio jack. Like, I see about 20 ohms between Left/Right channel of the headphone jack, or still 20ohm between right/gnd or left/gnd. This may be me being very ignorant about what goes on upstream from the headphone jack, but I didn't expect to see any connection between channels, let alone such low resistance.

Dunno if any insight can be gleaned from those measurements. Thanks for looking!