What's everyone up to now?

I'm almost done my education and develop indie games now. Computer Systems Technology, because engineering didn't work out for me.
I'm glad all of you are doing well. I work at a glass factory. Only do electronics stuff as a hobby...I'm envious of those of you who get paid to do it.
Custom automation engineering and probably too much internet. Currently working on converting a custom printed billboard handling machine from Win XP Embedded with Beckhoff TwinCAT 2, up to all new controls with Win10 Embedded, TwinCAT 3, and a solid 20 years worth of improvement in sensor and control technology. Should be fun.
A certificate came through the post to tell me I was qualified in massage therapy. I forgot I even studied that part of my course
In my retail job, I've gone from SpongeBob to Dante to Randall to Squidward to crippling depression in a mere 6 months.
Don't worry prog, the depression only goes so deep, once you break through the bottom you'll be blessed with beautiful nihilist nirvana
Nihilistic apathy has only taken me so far. It's more of a complement to hedonia and basic functionality than a replacement.
I haven't learned or amounted to anything in all these years! I've even forgotten a little.

But not you all. <3
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