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It's been a terribly long time since I've posted here. I regret that. ModRetro played a huge roll in my formative years and taught me an incredible amount about electronics and engineering. In the time that I've been absent, I've been hard at work building something that I think is really cool. This time it's not a portable or iPhone application, but rather a tool that enables amazing people like you to do awesome projects. I call it Flipper.


Flipper is an embedded development platform that aims to redefine the traditional embedded programming model. Flipper lets you write code on a host computer that controls the embedded device remotely. This means that you can write code that interacts with embedded hardware peripherals from any programming language, on any platform. Our platform gives developers the ability to use the tools that they already know to control an embedded device. Since all of the application logic that is controlling the platform runs on the host, it can be developed and debugged using techniques already familiar to the developer. We hope that this will decrease the barrier to entry needed to work with embedded hardware and enable a greater number of projects that rely on embedded systems.

If you are interested in picking up a development board or if you are interested in contributing to the platform you can visit our site at https://flipper.io. You can also get all the software right now at https://github.com/flipper-io/flipper. If you want the full rundown, you can watch a presentation that I gave at Mozilla here.

I just wanted to say thanks again to the ModRetro community. Hopefully Flipper is a tool that amazing people like you can use to continue to build amazing things. I am a firm believer that the world needs more embedded developers and I figured a great place to start looking would be in a community that is near and dear to me.

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I'm gonna have to come back to this when I'm willing to admit I have half an hour to watch an out of sync video.
This presentation really cleared up what you've been working for the past... 6+ years holy flax... It's a cool project and I'm already seeing a ton of potential applications for it. How long until it supports BASIC, the programming language that I can actually use? :p

A question: One of your focuses seems to be on easy communication with the host PC. In words that work for someone that knows nothing about embedded systems, how well does this work as an input device? For example, could it be set up to be used as an overpriced USB capture card?

You should work on your public speaking skills a bit, though. A little bit of silence is okay, you don't need "uhm" everywhere. The meat of the presentation was definitely there, and you clearly know what the Heck you're talking about. You don't need to be nervous about it.
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Oh yeah. I saw this when it was in beta*. Pretty cool.

*Not to be confused with βeta