What to do with a broken laptop?

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I just "obtained" coughtookfromlandfillcough a fujitsu C series laptop with the product number FPC05041BP. I have no idea what the specs are. Any interesting ideas I could use the parts for?
ßeta said:
Laptop screens cannot be used for portables.
not true. you can use them, assuming you have uber mega skills and 500+ dollars to build a custom encoder board, not to mention tons of free time. :rolleyes: :gonk:
weaponepsilon said:
If the screen works, use the case and screen for a laptop portable...


Ignoring this insipid suggestion, how is it broken? What does it do and does it not do?
I have no idea :lol: I found it at the dump, so it has a cracked case of the bottom front left, some keys are missing on the keyboard, and the screen latch broke off so I have to use a paperclip to open it. Other than that It has some weird square power plug so I have no way to test it.
Hmm. Well, it should take about 18-20V DC, but if not, it'll say on the laptop. Just try soldering something together onto the charging jack on the inside to see if it powers up.
found an old ibm power supply that produced 16v the pc needs 19v, but now it only works (yes it actually works!, and the funniest part is that I found it at a dump!) with the battery removed. I'll be checking my moms universal laptop power supply and see if it has the end I need.

Well, seeing as the laptop didn't turn out to be broken this thread can be closed.
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