Wanted: SNESp or GENESISp

About how much are you willing to pay for a Genesis portable? I'm going to be done with mine in a month or two.

Better than any "portables" anyone's made, once you do a quick mod to the D-pad like I did. I'll mod it for you and send it off for 90 dollars if you want.
Ya I went to the Stone Age Gamer Site and took a look at it. As long as you don't swap the D-pad from one of the controllers it comes with you got a deal.
im selling a snesp. $200.
you can see it and benheck.com on bentendos fs thread. (just look at one of my posts)
i am at school and they blocked BH.
edit: i just realized this is my first post here.....
Exactly the same thing happened to me. Im at school in keyboarding class, and they blocked BH, but not modretro, weird.
BH is bigger and classified under Hacking in the block..Modretro is just this and hasn't really had anything (outside links, etc) to set it up under that category.