Video converters that run on the PS3?


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My mission: Convert 50+hours of 720x480 MPEG video to DivX or any container that is high quality (Xvid, H264)

My gear? A piece of crap 1.8GHz AMD Semperon with 1GB of RAM. :wtf:

Well, if there is a free, fast and reliable video converter that harnesses the PS3's power through the OtherOS option, I'll gladly take it.
Hmm. I thought you were able to upload high quality videos on your PS3 to Youtube.
You could use linux, but PS3 linux cannot access any of the video acceleration features. So in reality, it will not be much better. :( Just run it while you sleep, it should only take a week at most using handbrake.

Also, use xvid. If you want to use it on an ipod, you are screwed, but so many things play it well.