Trying to get rid of a SNES free

Ok this snes I have has been just laying around my house for a while now. No cords no controller just the system. I got it from a friend whos mom cleans abandoned houses he gave me this and 2 NES. The NES all work fine (after they were cleaned) but ive never even tried the snes but it should be fine after you clean it up.

If your interested say so.

Because I've never tried it and i got it for free I'm giving it away for free.
Free shipping too?

Dibs if yes.

Not worth it to me if no, but good deal anyways.

You know what, nobble can have it. I don't really need it, other people could find a better use for it than me. I'd probably just end up selling it at some point years from now, no point in wasting someone else's chance.
That's what I was thinking. Still I think he should have dealt with the full punishment.
Well it actually wasn't for good behavior, SS eventually deciding one month was too long to begin with. At least, that's my assumption. His PM wasn't completely clear, but he changed my sig and title, and then he deleted the picture as my avatar. :neutral2:
This sounds too good to be true.

Usually when people try to get rid of stuff, they don't want to pay any money to do so.

But hey, maybe there's some good in the world.