The ModRetro mystery game


The Official Ghost/Reaper of ModRetro
So, I'm making a dialogue game that will be like clue involving members of ModRetro.

Premise: ModRetro has become a large scale multi-billion dollar gaming company in the near future. One day someone hacks MR and find and assassinates PalmerTech (Sorry, Palmer). So we all gather at ShockSlayer's mansion to find out who did it.

So, because this is about the members of MR, I feel like I should ask who wants to be in it.

If you want to be in it, I need a picture of yourself and what you want to be in the game. You also if you want can voice act yourself.

Palmer, your still in it, except your a ghost who gives hints.

I will stop the list at 12. So tell me if you want to be in the game.

EDIT: I've decided to make this a community project so just tell if you would like to help with anything, Programming, Drawing, Etc.
I'll be in it, not sure what character you could have lined up for me.

Pictures are too follow, any specific way you need them? (i.e. hair out of face)
Doesn't matter, and you chose what type of character you want to be.
I'de like to be in it.
Is there something zombie related in this?
if so
Dang it! I like totally had this idea just a few days ago. Except it was more different.

Like this. An adventure game, the goal being to gain favour with MR. There are three endings, one where you gain lots of favour with MR, one if you gain lots of favour with BH, and a really bad one where everyone hates you. The idea being to perform both menial tasks and more fun stuff. Like get Thursty something to drink, find SS's hotglue gun so he can own BP1 (if you give BP1 the glue gun it will likely lead to the really bad ending), get Snowpenguin to Antarctica, etc.

Also, even those not really in the game should have some sort of appearance. Maybe as a painting on the wall, guy on TV, something like that. And at least one alternate ending. Me likes alternate endings.
Let me know what you want me to do and I'll do it. No homo.

Also, PalmerTech can be my ghost that gives me advice and hangs with me. He's like Midna to my Link in Twilight Princess, except he doesn't want to do me. No homo.

(Ooh, kinky)

Well I want to at least have some sort of cameo in the game, but I don't really want my face in there. So throw mah ZN-80 in a painting or something and I'll be happy. You should put a Yoshi eating a lime somewhere too.