The Controller

Help with rewiring the controller.

(self explanatory ). Could some people post their pictures of their modified controller. This is very confusing for me
Re: Help with rewiring the controller.



Basically, you wire to where the buttons were. You cut apart the controller leaving the resistors and the chip. It's a little hard on an original NES controller because of the way the resistors are arranged. You may have to replace some of them. Then you rewire your other buttons, tact switches, whatever, to where the buttons were. I used some random NES joystick; all the resistors are in one place on it. I used a junk N64 controller for the buttons.
When going about adding the controller elements how do you all go about doing it? Do you make a now board? or just adjust the one inside the contr? Any help with items i'll need and examples would be great help.
I understand, that helps. I have ben's book and didn't want to have to make a whole new contr mother board if i didn't have to. thanks guys.