The Amalgamated IDs Thread


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I figured we have a stickied friend code thread, but nothing for anything else. So, post your Steam ID, PSN whatever, Live something-or-other, friend codes, and any other ones you would like to share. I'll start.

Steam: XTChrisTX
PSN: N/A (no PS3)
Live: N/A (no 360)
Wii Friend Codes: N/A (no Wii either!)
DS Friend Codes: None

Red Alert 3: xtchristx
Battlefield 2: XTChrisTX

All I can think of right now. I know this thread seems semi-redundant, but I'm hoping this one will grow alongside and eventually supersede the friend codes thread.
I posted about something like this here, but I really think if we're able to do the profile thing I mentioned it would be a lot easier and more convenient.
There's a Modretro Steam Group now.

Just type "Modretro" and you'll find it.
Added you, zeturi, In case you can't figure it out, my username is Robm111. It's a stretch, I'm sure you can figure it out though.
If you're in the Modretro group, get the [MR] tag today!

If we find out another high profile group is using the [MR] tag, we'll change it to [MRC] (Mod Retro Community)
Oh lulz, Playstation is now the new word filter replacement for the one word phrase for children born out of wedlock. It fits well in my post.