Sony Announces PS3 Slim!!


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After all the rumors, we finally have it. And it's coming super quick. Sony said it would be available in all regions by September 11'th. It will have the same features and functions, come with a 120 gb drive. It will also be 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter.

With a Price of $299 in the states, 299 euros in Europe, and 29980 yen in Japan
Dang it, I was just about to sell my PS3 too, guess its price just went way down. Oh well, hopefully it will be enough to buy one of these shiny new PS3s ;)
It's not that much smaller from what I can tell. Diggin' the matte finish though.
Slim PS3 == Oh Yippee...

The only thing I care about is the price drop.
Sony's still suffering, and they're still gonna keep burning pretty bad.
This is no relief for Devs, of course.

Regardless, it's definitely a good thing.

Sony still gon' burn I tell ya.
I am so gonna buy one of these. Even if it'd make a huge portable, it cant be bigger then some old NESp's people made. Could also make a pretty kickass laptop.
It's cheaper than a normal PS3, but still too expensive for me to buy. If I bought a (new) console it would be a 360 anyway. I think I'll stick with my PC for now (or ever).
I'm actually hoping Ben does something with this. For once, I'm looking forward to something of his!
Here is a picture of the PS3 Slim's insides:

And here is the full PS3 Slim teardown here: ... lim/1121/1
woah! teh slim looks like it could be slimmed quite a bit! i might buy one, and make a laptop! (try, and fail miserably, is more likely) :mrgreen: