Something strange is going on....

So I was finally able to purchase a ps1 screen and I plugged it in my ps2 to test it out, and it all worked. Then I opened it and led modded the screen. I turned the screen back on and there was some strange color inversion or something. When the color was suppost to be black, it was white. When it was suppost to display red, it was blue etc...
I tried soany things and it just won't work. I do know the screen works because it worked fine before I took it apart.

Any help would be highly apreciated.
You don't take off the polarizer unless you're antiglare modding.

I seem to remember there being a layer of the backlight box that would invert colors if put in backwards, although I may be wrong.
Here is the wii menu.

Here is the wii start up screen.
Have you tried re-seating the flat cable that plugs into the board from the Lcd?

If thats not it I would say you somehow knocked off a surface cap or some solder fell on the board and bridged something.
I wish you were right hail. I have checked on the LCD cable and it is perfectly fine. The lcd cable is nice and snug in the plug on the board. There is not any solder that dropped on the board and there are no briged joints.

I don't know what to do!t
I have had this problem before. There's a fix on benheck somewhere, I haven't tried it yet. It was in one of those screen trimming threads, by zenloc I think
When the PSone screen isn't getting enough voltage it turns bright white and then inverts the colors. :rolleyes:
Well, what happens when your outside in Mario 64, and everything is so lightly colored, you will really get lost.