ShockSlayer's X64 Lite WIP Thread!


Probably SS
This is where I'll be posting my progress on my X64 lite, when/if I get around to it. Currently my board is dead, failed jumper pack relocation. However, I'm glad that I was able to successfully relocate to the RCP because now That I know how to do it, I can make a nice tutorial on how to in the tutorials section, maybe even with a video.

Oh, and first thread and first post in the n64 section belongs to me! :lol:

In my design the pack faces forward toward the screen, as the cart slot slides down the back. You'll see what I mean when I post up some pictures with my screen(which I get tomorrow)

To describe it in a better way, thing if it as more of a portrait design like the DMG! (the first gameboy) Cartslot goes down the back, batteries beneath it, screen on top of the mobo, and controls beneath the screen. Probably the best way to organize the guts to make a small n64 portable.
ShockSlayer said:
Yes, exactly! Now don't go running around spouting that off, I need to keep that secret for the other compo! So it needs to stay on this forum, mmkay?

What's said on modretro, stays on modretro. XD

I just assumed that there's 6 trustworthy people on here, that it could be told.
Maybe you will not believe me, but I independently came up with that same layout. :lol:

Except... I have a trick up my sleeve that will let it fit in a stock sized DMG case! :eek: My "trick" should be done by tomorrow night.
PalmerTech said:
Maybe you will not believe me, but I independently came up with that same layout. :lol:

Except... I have a trick up my sleeve that will let it fit in a stock sized DMG case! :eek: My "trick" should be done by tomorrow night.

And, yes, you shared with me the layout, I just assumed that was how SS was going to organize it ;) (I believe you!)
It's been killing me not knowing what you're up to. I call shenanigans on Palmer. Well, actually.... Maybe. You'd have to have the cart go in sideways on the top, with the batteries below it. We shall see.
ShockSlayer, a question: What do you plan on doing for heatsinks? In a case this small, it seems you would need decent airflow, or a big heatsink. Also, would your design be putting the heatsinks right against your li-po cells? You know from personal experience how bad that is. ;)
No, the heatsinks are up against the screen, like this:


You can see the (possibly temporary) heatsink jutting out from underneath.

Oh, and two moar pics:



Pic does not do screen justice. To get a good idea of what the sceen's quality is: Antiglare mod a psone screen, use the original backlight(or the best backlighting possible) and the connect to it in full color RGB. AKA PERFECT quality. I hate my camera.

Anyways, my design will have the batteries underneath the cart on the back. Total thickness is going to be about that of two n64 carts, maybe two n64 carts and a gba cart depending on where I put the screen's mobo.

And don't let those first two pics slip over to BH, this is a ModRetro feature only! :D

Would that screen fit in a stock DMG case? Is is scratch resistant, or would it be a good idea to have a thin sheet of plastic protecting it?
Yeah, those RetroCons are expensive. :(

Bacteria, I can not say what kind of screen he is using for sure, but here are a few good places:

and has some cheap small screens, 2.5", 3", and 3.5". All of those places have LED backlights already, too.
For this, I both hate and love ShockSlayer.
Much like I hate and love the N64 itself.

If this works out as it's planned...
Oh my, I don't know just what I'll do...

AND - In response to Bacteria's nifty little controller thar.

They're 6mm high, that's QUITE nice. (And should be same as those in that controller. Those Red LEDs look like 3mm's, which would make those joysticks about 6mm high, same as this)
And, of course, will work fine with most any N64 controller ;)

Digi-Key Part Number (in case their search decides to play mean): 253A103B45NA-ND

Oh, and you better love it!

UPDATE: N64 is sleeping, I accidentally touched some voltage line to VDC-NUS pin 12(GND) and now it won't turn on(or load games, or whatever). Screen almost died too, in fact, it did die, and then I randomly drug a wire across the LCD plug's contacts and it sprung back to life! (I don't know how) I'm so glad eurddrue is sending me an n64.

Oh, and I'm still having that strange wavy lines on the screen problem:
That other ShockSlayer and that other forum said:
The screen I'm using

Okay, so I've been working on my n64p, and for some reason, on the screen, the video on the screen is moving up and down (like a shaking motion) constantly. This is very distracting when I'm trying to play the game, and I don't know why its happening. When I connect a gamecube, however, the problem goes away. I know the n64 is okay because when I connect it to the TV the signal is fine. It isn't interference from anything, because I put a coil and a diode on the screens voltage line...The only thing I have left to refer back to is that the screens resolution is 480x234....but I don't know if that changes anything. Oh, and there are also two contacts where I can input h-sync and v-sync, would connecting those fix the problem? The n64 does not normally output H-sync and v-sync, meaning I would have to split it from C-sync.


1) What kind of input are you feeding it?
2) What kinds of input can it take?

I'm sure that through my laziness/56k mobile internet, I've simply missed these somewhere else in this thread :p