ShockSlayer does it again! 7th n64p.

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Probably SS
I got bored earlier today, so I made an n64p. I call this, The tribute to myself!
Remember this?

Well, I sold it. But I really liked the design. So, I slaughtered up this:

And yes, I did get a new Ocarina and Sword. Go me. :p

It took me about 5 hours to make. All i wanted to do was burn some time, and expiriment with this brand of controller. As you can see, it was a successful gamecube joystick transplant.

Beautiful Z and R buttons.

And, A final mugshot. ... G_3700.jpg

It runs off of a SONY NP-F550, which is rated at 10.8W Don't know how long that'll last, Probably about an hour, I didn't bother with LED modding the screen.

Now then, anyone in the market? I'll sell it for $200 + shipping.

Oh, and feel free to tell me how ugly it looks, and flame my cases. Except all of you going to MGC, cause then I'll have to meet you, and then you can actually see it and insult it :lol: I'd go just for that.

Not open for further replies.