Billy Mays
Staff member
Hey guys,

I just bought a house. :awesome:

However, between working 50-60 hours a week, college, and moving, I'm going to be a busy dood.

Imma make a thread in the PS3 section regarding my PS3 DS3 controller battery mod, and then I'm going to be MIA for a bit.

See you on the flip side, with pics of my super-awesome new workspace :D
It's an awesome house.

2K square feet, 5 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, hardwood floor, 2 car garage with a monster cubby hole where my tool boxes and workbench can go... I...am...STOKED.
I can fill teh mod void while robm are gone? :mrgreen:

a half bathroom is a bathroom without a tub/ shower, aka just a toilet and sink.

2nd edit-ßeta beat be to the 1/2 bath thing.
I'll trade you a broken PS2, a Genesis, and an Intellivision plug-n-play for that house.
Thank you, thank you ;)

I'll be making that controller thread today, and then it's packing time for a couple weeks.

We have way too much crap.
I hate counting chickens before they hatch (please God nothing goes wrong during inspection or closing,) but:


Thats the kind of thing I see walking to college and dreaming I was bought up in. haha
That's kind of funny, because it's basically the same house I was brought up in LOL

Those kinds of houses are a dime a dozen around these parts though, as it were. I'm buying that house for only about a hundred bucks a month more than what my current rent is.