PTH08000 -or- PTH08080


I have both the PTH08000 and the PTH08080. They are both WAZ but i just need a stright answer of which one i should choose. So which one?

They'll both do the same thing. If you're ordering samples, you're allowed up to ten. Just get ten different regulators.
why would i need 10 different regulators? Is it because of if one doesn't work, then the next one might?
ok thanks, and (just on the topic of frying) if I ever fry my N64 would i have to get another one? I do have a spare!
If you fry your n64, of course you need another one!

But if you fry an n64 hooked up to a pth08---, the chip may survive, but have spares just in case anyway.
Depends on the amount of voltage put in.

But basically the same as a 7805.

Being 78xx series regulators, they will have lower efficiencies than TI cards. Also, TI cards are free for your first few, and most people will only ever use a few if any.
Ugh, they're not switching though. If you're using very good batteries though, it won't matter. Also, you may need a heatsink. To produce less heat, I think you could just run this regulator off the output leg of the 7805 on the n64.
Theyre linear. They get hot. End of story.

They may not output too much heat if they are hooked up to 5v from the 7805 on the N64.

Edit- OMG, zeturi...

OK that was too much for me. Im just gonna use the 8000 and 8080 just to make it simple.
Thanks for all the help! :dah: