PSP orange light blink blink blink..


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Ok, so I have a PSP 1001 that won't read memsticks. It would just blink the access light in a specific freq. like 2hz. This has happened before, so I opened it up. I was surprised. By some sort of mistake I did, I smashed two pins. So I tried to straighten it out. It snapped. Uh-Oh. Then I tried making new contacts out of resistor leads. It cracked the plastic where I put it. So I soldered the memory stick directly to the pins. No dice. Still blinking. It had no shorts. Thinking that I roasted the stick, I soldered in wires and to a produo adaptor, planning to ditch the UMD. Nope, still blinking. I trimmed the wires to be as close as possible to the board, still nothing.

All it does is blink, blink, blink. Is there anything else to try before I cave in and pay money for a new wifi board?

EDIT: Also, the reason I smashed two pins is because I put stickers with my name on the memory stick. It apparently thickened the stick, snagging the pins. It was stuck, I had to pull it out using pliers.