PS2 Phat PSU board trimming woes, high pitched beep when on.


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I cut down the PS2 phat psu a bit, and rewired two traces, a fuse, and a small capacitor, and then relocated the PSU with about 3 feet in total of wire from the motherboard to the PSU, and when I turn the PSU on with the ps2 plugged in or not, I get a high pitched beep that lasts as long as it is on. I'm not sure where it's coming from, seems like maybe from the large transformer or the gigantic capacitor. Any geniuses have any idea what's wrong?


Re: Can I extend the PS2 phat PSU?

Theoretically, yes. :/

It's just the Power Supply relocated, extended with wire. As long as the power still flows into the system it's good.
snowpenguin said:
I get a high pitched beep that's coming from the gigantic capacitor.


If you look at the small black round thing next to the right-side voltage regulator (looking at the board in that pic from the top,) that's probably a small piezo speaker. Can't tell with the low resolution. As such, it's telling you something's rather wrong, though I'll be damned if I can figure it out what you did wrong from these pictures.

Try reversing the AC polarity for lulz.

If that doesn't work, put everything back the way it was and see if it still works.