Premade Gamecube Batteries?


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I was searching for Screens, and I randomly came across these.



The bottom one can be purchased for about $20 shipped off of Amazon, and you might be able to find them on ebay. I haven't checked yet. I was wondering if anything knew more about these? They seem like they might work. Even if you made your own case, it seems like you could just put the battery on and it might give the correct voltages. Making it simpler to make a gamecube portable? Sorry I kinda don't know what I'm talking about. :oops: I thought it was worth posting anyways, since you guys know more.. and might be able to see if this is any good.
I bought one of those battery packs for my GCP.
They are HUGE and weigh like 10 pounds. So not really worth it.
so far as i know, they are just sealed lead acid batteries, and the are only about 3000mah. big and heavy. not really worth it. ;)
I've seen them, and frankly they look like crap. For an epic ghetto portable, you could use one of those and those clip-on GC screens, then duct tape a controller on. But it would be crap.
I've had one too, I couldn't get my cube to run for even 10 mins on mario party before they crapped out.
I've used them several times. Quite honestly, they're flax, but they're dirt cheap on ebay. I've had a few clients point them out and have in fact used them for some cheapo portables. They weigh about 0.5kg alone without the case and are monstrous in size (they're basically 12 D cell rechargeable batteries)

Initially, they power a gamecube and screen (unmodified) for about an hour. Charge, after charge, they slowly lose power until they only last about 20 minutes (this is not excessive use power loss, this is over the space of about 6 recharges)

The ones I have left I only really use it as a test power source. They're too big to be practically used. I should know, my first portable gamecube used them.