Phone Harassment


No Stranger To Love
Someone on Steamportables is spamming my phone with text messages, saying "FRM:Anon@meatspin.comMSG:SteamPortables Owns j00000000 peniscunttitsballsfaglickcock". The number of this person is 1010100024. I don't know who this is, but please stop. My phone is broken as it is.

If the person doing this is a member here, please stop.
weaponepsilon said:
you should be able to block the sender.

Yea, contact the phone company and tell them you are being harassed by someone and you want the number blocked.
epicelite said:
snowpenguin said:
Figure out who they are and then kill them.


Isn't that a little, extreme?
At least he didn't say, "And skull *Can'tSayThisOnTV* them, rip off their testacles and boil them, and hang their head on your wall."