PC Portable, unnamed


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900mhz Atom
512mb DDR2 RAM
GMA 500
8gb SSD, SDHC Slot
Wifi B/G
800x480 4.8" touchscreen LCD
2200mah 7.4v li-po

Here are some super early pics:



Using DS Lite buttons and dpad, and dual PSP analogs. The hardware is fully capable of N64 emulation. I plan on loading a ton of emulators and zipped games on the SSD, and using the SDHC slot for media and the few old PC games it will be able to handle (Halo 1 should work fine).
Guide will not happen, the hardware I am using is discontinued, and the company that makes is it now bankrupt. :p The general idea applies to other hardware, but not the process.

I used one of the late revision Clarion MiND MIDs. Amazon is clearing out their stock amazingly cheap, get one now if you are ever gonna want one:

White: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001LM ... B001LMCPQ8

Black: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001LM ... B001LMB6M2

I get money if you buy from those links, so use them if you are gonna pick one up.
Ewwww, GMA. If they ever come out with an ION based netbook, I'm making a PCp. Otherwise, no way.
Doesn't even meet the minimum specs, yeah.

Looking cool, but be warned, GMA is terrible for gaming. Don't expect much out of any game past Half-Life; however, as long as it supports Hardware T&L, you ought to be okay if you think it'll run Halo.
Still though, beimg able to run half life on a portable HANDHELD computer is pretty awesome.

PCp, palmer? This is not the place. You know better than that.
"Computer/Laptop". This section is for computers. ;) I might move it, it would prolly get more views. For now, it stays here.

@TW: I do not expect anything beyond Half Life, Halo 1 should run fine at 640x480 on all low settings. This is mainly for emulation, and playing old PC games (Currently, the only way to play stuff like Starcraft 1 on a handheld is through DOSbox, and the PSP and GP2X versions are unusable for anything. Heck, even the Pandora port can only hit the performance of a midrange 386 CPU based computer. So for stuff like that, it will be lots of win.
Palmer, you seem to have missed what I meant.

This forum is not the place for that sort of thing, and you are the owner. You should know better.