New Apple stuff!!!!!!!


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I totally want a 13" MacBook Pro. (Starting at $1199!!!!)
I'm so psyched.

So, Apple at the WWDC, what you liked, what you thought you'd get, etc
I would love the iPhone 3GS. Moar speedz=Win.

Then again, unless I can get one for under $250 without a contract, not gonna happen. Maybe if I buy a broken one and fix it...
I'm sure one will end up in your hands that way.

I have an 8GB iTouch 1G with a broken mobo connector tape/cable. Want it? Home button doesn't really work either. I broke the cable while fixing the button.
Hate to break it to you, but I may not want it for even a super cheap price. :( The way the 1g touch is made, if it breaks, you are flat out screwed, which is why there are no replacement parts (unlike the iphone or 2g touch) on ebay.

Your best bet is to either put it together and sell it on ebay "as is for parts", or pull it apart for scrap. The LED backlight strip in the LCD is quite nice! :p
Does it power on at all? Just sell it saying you don't know what's wrong with it.
I wouldn't do that.
So, what do you think about the 3GS? I think it's a total deal, I wish it had a front-facing camera and video chat. An iChat clone would be excellent.
:lol: I just got a touch from palmer. I need to be happy with the stuff that I have or I'll end up with less money than I started with. :o