NES expansion port


Just to clarify, before I do something CRAZY, the expansion port can be COMPLETELY unconnected to ANYTHING, right?

I think since the NES board is only single-layered, I'm going to cut off one side and just resolder all the traces, like what we do with sliced up controllers.
Sorry, what I meant was that it's already removed. I want to cut the motherboard in two, then fold it over. I just wanted to make absolutely sure that I can just solder it back together, controller style.
sure, but it will be a lot of work. I doubt it will have a lot of issues like the n64 did when bacteria tried to fold it in half.
It should work. Don't see why you would want to, but it should work. The NES isn't timing-sensitive like the N64.
So that I can fold the other side over, and make it the board smaller length x width. I'm trying to get it about the size of an NES cart.

Actually, TMH, your cuts on the motherboard are what made me think of this, as well as people hacking up controllers similarly. It shouldn't be that bad, actually, because most of the place I'm going to cut is where the expansion port traces lead to. Like this:

Oh, that's what you meant! Those traces are fine but some other traces go through the expansion port area. Be careful!
I was actually going to try this after the tinypnes, but good luck to you. It's great to see people trying to make small portables using real hardware.
My whole reason for portablizing in the first place is mobile compatibility, secondly legality. If you use the original system you get perfect compatibility, minus any games that use the light gun. And since I'm using the original cartridges, no worries about piracy.

I gotta wait till I get a few cans of butane before I can start. I've already cut the board in two and prepared the traces for soldering. Bad part is, I don't actually know if this board is working, so I'm going to just practice on this one until I can get another working board and cart slot for cheap.