N64 Help.


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I have an n64 with a relocated cart slot.
It worked the first time :mrgreen: (yay)
Anyways, i tested it like 6 times on my pc monitor, and it worked each time.
Then i connected it to a psone screen. Just video and ground, no sound yet.
It didn't work, so i connected it again to the pc monitor. The monitor lights up, then it says something in asian and thats it.
I then connected the n64 to my Tv. When i turned it on, the tv flashed and then darkness.
Any idea how to fix it?
Everything wired up:

What the screen says:
What resolution is the text? I want to know if it's a warning from the N64 or the screen. Is it low-res text? Is the monitor Japanese?
It worked before, and it was set up exactly the same.
It just stopped working when i connected it to the psone screen.
Your N64 is fine, right? Try another video input on the screen.
Im pretty sure my n64 is fine.
And i can't input any other video into the screen, because the only way to connect it is via the VGA box.
I tried it on a TV, and the screen just flickers.
I used one of those converter boxes, that you use to play xbox,sony,nintendo systems on a pc monitor. VGA converter.
BTW, my n64 is RGB modded.
I dont think so.
Because when you turn the screen on when there is nothing connected to it, there is a bunch of Jap writing on it.