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Long story short:

Southern California has been in a drought for two years. Water rationing might even start as early as this fall if the reserves do not fill.

Yesterday, we have the first big rain in years. Tons of water, power was out all day, and into the night.

My garage is 3 feet under ground level, recessed into the foundation of the house. Do the math. :wtf:

It kept raining today, and there is currently a tornado and waterspout watch, the first in decades in my area. And it is supposed to rain harder for the next two days.

Most of my stuff is fine, but it is all dependent on getting it dried out ASAP. The garage still has an inch or so of water in it, so I cannot set anything on the ground. :evil2:

I will probably be spending a lot of time on the computer the next few days, along with keeping the water from destroying my stuff.
The waves ARE huge here, but it is too windy to enjoy it with rain in your eyes. Maybe tomorrow with some goggles, if I can get some friends...

If that does happen, expect some awesome pics! :p
You can't get the last inch up? With a bucket and an hour or so, you should be able to get it down to nothing, then just shop-vac it.
Post Office was closed, Martin Luther king jr day. :(

Luckily, all my packages ready to be shipped were up here in my room. :D

Beta, I could get that last inch, but it would be back up to an inch very fast. The ground around the house is totally saturated with water, so the drain system is not working well.
Yeah, you told me yesterday, and it's Heck here today. Supposed to rain for about four more days, but today's been worst yet. I hope it gets better, my dogs won't shut up from the thunder.
Lawlz, well Palmer, get your crap together, and BOGGIE!!! I expect some awesome pics :awesome:

Also, what prize is this your talking about?
It flooded here at my house once, which was crazy since Nevada always has uber-low rainfall compared to everwhere else. Luckily the only stuff that got wet was some crap in the garage which by all rights should've gotten thrown out long ago.
zeturi said:
Flood don't get me out of work. :gonk:

live in the same city as Sam, and it has been pouring and lots of thunder.

Palmer, just build a boat and ride along your garage, picking things up and around.