Modretro Backup Chat/Forum created

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As is seems that nobody is interested in joining, I'll delete the forums. Thanks a lot guys.
It's a backup forum/chat. When the chat is down, you go there. When the forum is down, you go there. I really thought that would be obvious, but apparently not.

Look, it doesn't matter, I took the Dang forum down anyway.
Nobody was being hostile, they were just asking. :p

If you had laid it out that way with an explanation from the start, you might have skipped the questions phase and gone right to the flaming one. Saves time. ;)
Me too, pLover. I never had an account (I just lurked), but man, it was a great forum. It really had something going, you know? Real potential.

R.I.P. MR Backup. ;_;
Not open for further replies.