Modding GBC


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I am currently modding my game boy color to have an internal lithium ion battery, a case half an inch thick, and to hopefully have a frontlight, once I get a broken sp. I am using the case of a casio calculator, which I have just figured out is to small. Also, I am having a few problems with it. For one, the speaker broke off, but that is an easy fix and may actually be conveniant as I may decide there is no need for one. Second, when there is any sound, it makes a high pitched noise along with the game sounds, and I do not know why. Also, I do not know the mah of the GBC, so I am just using a 3.7 V battery with 320 mah, and that info would be useful if anybody would be able to give it to me. Thanks.
Ok, a new thing, minutes after the last. I do not know how to make my battery charge. It has two wires going out, and that's it. I want to charge it using the outlet on the color that you can plug something into, but I do not know how. Does anybody here know how? Or at least have some ideas?
We need to know more about your exact battery.

How loud is the high pitched noise? That is normal for the GBC, especially through the headphone jack.
Now, I am partially finished with the case, and I'm having more problems. I want to wire the battery to the power jack on the bottom of the color, so that it gets charged through that, but I do not know how to do this. Also, the weird noise is continuing.
You will need a li-ion charging circuit. To be honest, 320mah is not very much, it is a lot less than even normal batteries. Look on for a PSP battery and an external PSP battery charger, that will work very well, a few members here have done that.
Thanks for the info, but it will do good enough for the moment. I'm just doing this now because I want to :D. Also, I am just going to replace it with a better battery later :ninj: . Sadly, my Gameboy Color has mysteriously died while I touched the battery to p1 and something else :cry: Although, a friend at school has offered to give me the color he has in his car :mrgreen: But does anybody know how to fix it? :confused:
It now fits in the case, after I made a lot of holes, and I need to get some bondo to continue work. Yes, I know it is taking me a very long time to do a simple mod, I'm new at this, ok? Anyways, I will post pictures once I have time, for the few of you who are interested in this simple thing that I am doing. Also, I need to get a couple more extremely small batteries, or I might buy a ds battery from someone I know.
Bridge the fuse on your old GBC board. It's labeled as F1 and is above the headphone jack.
Either the headphone jack has the switch stuck that shuts off the speaker, or, the speaker is broken. Try dousing the headphone jack in rubbing alcohol while plugging and unplugging headphones to unstick it. If that doesn't work, try swapping the speaker.