Looks like we've got a new MegaDrive Clone.


Low power consumption

And a SD slot!

But MD games only? Does that include the Genesis? :)facepalm: if I'm correct.)
Just bought one, will let you guys know when it gets here. It will deserve a wiki page if it is made of win.
hmm... this looks really interesting. I might be getting one of these as well, sense I already have $8.88 in DX store credit and could put that toward this.
Dealextreme just emailed me to say mine shipped, so should be here within a week or so.
I got mine. It is a GOAC with a separate board for SD card. The entire thing is smaller than a Dreamcast VMU mobo. Runs down to 3.3v, draws next to no power. No way to get Svideo or RGB I can see, but composite is good.
Works with every game I have tried, though they are all just mainstream titles.

Pics... Tomorrow. :p

No, but really, pics this week sometime. I am off for spring break soon, expect a LOT of pics when that hits. :D
ok, cool. cause i mean its not like i'm thinking about making an SD loading Genny portable with this, because that would be absurd :lol:

yeah but i don't really care when you get the pics, i just want em :p
I swear it is true. See, it is like those N64 superpads: All the "guts" are near the center. The rest? Just traces going to button pads. The SD board is barely bigger than an SD card, and the GOAC parts are all right under it. Trim it to the caps on the controller lines, and bam, VMU sized.
Looking at some of the forums topics for that item, it seems that loading games larger than 4MB bricks it, and you need to reinstall the firmware to fix it.
Perfecting sound emulation on the Genesis is a pain. Even Fusion is still having a little bit of trouble emulating the sound.
One of these days, I'ma get one of these and stick a 2.5" Pustom on it. Then I'll call it a portable and sell it.