Lenovo T23 BIOS password hack?


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So I am trading a XBOX original for a Lenovo T23.

Only problem is that the BIOS password was lost.

I saw a few things on how to find it with some fancy USB contraptions, or I could just buy a whole new BIOS IC.

Anyone have one of those fancy contraptions or ant tips?

The T23 was in the good days of IBM.

Anyway, this is possible. "lrn2google".
A. By Using the Motherboard Jumper:

In most motherboards CMOS battery is soldered, which makes it difficult to remove the battery. In this case we use another method.

Almost all motherboards contain a jumper that can clear all CMOS settings along with the BIOS password. The location of this jumper varies depending upon the motherboard brand. You should read your motherboard manual to check its location. If you don't have the manual then look for the jumpers near the CMOS battery. Most of the manufacturer label the jumper as CLR, CLEAR, CLEAR CMOS, etc.

When you find the jumper, look carefully. There will be 3 pins and the jumper will be joining the center pin to either left or right pin. What you need to do, is remove the jumper and join the center pin to the opposite pin. e.g. if the jumper joins center pin to left pin, then remove it and join center pin to right pin. Now wait for a few seconds and then again remove the jumper and join the center pin to left pin.

Make sure to turn the PC off before opening the cabinet and resetting the jumper.

B. By Using Software:

I have found that BIOS/CMOS Password Recovery Tool is the most effective.:
BIOS/CMOS Password Recovery Tool is a program that works instantly to remove any lost or forgotten BIOS/CMOS password. Simply boot your PC to DOS and execute the program, and get access to forgotten BIOS/CMOS passwords in just seconds

BIOS/CMOS Password Recovery Tool Service: http://www.biospasswordrecovery.com/
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Neither of those will work. There is no jumper on the ThinkPad T-series to say the least, removing the CMOS battery doesn't clear it, and likely he can't make it boot an OS without the password.

This is for a later T-series, but it's the exact same idea: http://sodoityourself.com/hacking-ibm-t ... -password/

Yeah I have seen that page, if you look closely you will see that it skips the T23 model in that list.

Aw, that's lame.