LED Vehicle headlights.


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I wanna get sum awesome super bright LED headlights.

I found this LED, brightest you can get AFAIK.

So then what? Car is 12V right?

I was thinking...
Stick the LED onto a heatsink from a computer processor.
Get some kind of 12Vto 3.6V regulator

Will it even be as bright as a average vehicle bulb?
Neat idea, but first, that LED puts out 900 lumens. A standard car headlight puts out 1000-1500 lumens. That's about 3/5 the brightness of a standard vehicle bulb.

Not sure what vehicle laws are, but you might be able to do it if it's legally bright enough. ;)

The real issue, though, is really how it's focused. A 1000 lumen light could look dimmer than a 500 lumen if the 500 is focused in a small area. Assuming the car headlamp and that LED are focused the same, I really think you could do it. Just make sure to have some real heatsinking on that thing. :)