Laptop driving me crazy!


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So my power port on my laptop is a kind of hit and miss. Sometimes it charges and sometimes it doesn't. I tore the laptop apart and check the solders on the port. Nothing. No cold solders, no cracks. I looked at the charger plug. It outputs 18V as it needs to, I twist and bend it and it still outputs 18V. I plug it in. Nothing! I checked the points on the motherboard for 18V. Nothing!

I twisted the plug 180 degrees and it worked. Then I turn it back 180 degrees and it stopped working.

I looked at the innards of the yellow socket on the board. The positive is the classic pin in the middle. The negative is ok too.

So I went for broke and chopped off the charger plug and I soldered a new one in. Bam, powered it right up. But here's the twist. Rotating it connection and turning it back reestablishes it. So I have to spin the plug into various angles to get it to work. Not to mention that the new plug gets hot. (is that bad?)


EDIT: It does not get hot. It's just freshly soldered. Silly me! :lol:

EDIT 2: It DOES get hot! Is that bad!?
I'm not sure, but my iBook used to do that. Complained to apple, got a new power cord, and it worked just fine.
First thing I did when my laptop stop working was a new power adaptor of which you need to get methinks, then Installed a new powerjack just to safeguard myself and it's all worked fine since.

It really is spending a very small amount of money on ebay and doing it properly so it doesn't kill your laptop and it's not going to break every week, really.