Is there a fuse I can jump on the PS2 Slim?


I'm cross-posting this here and at BH because I'm desperate for any help possible. Hope cross-posting is okay with you guys.

I built a PS2p three years ago. It worked great for a couple days, and then I apparently fried it when I opened it up to adjust something with the controller. I didn't know what I did. No matter what though, it wouldn't power on. I spend countless hours messing with it but it seemed to be dead. A few minutes ago I pulled it out for the first time since then. It's been in storage all this time. I decided to test it for the Heck of it. I used its wall adapter and also its original composite cable to hook it up to my tv. It wasn't hooked up to a screen or anymore of course (I'd cannibalized that after it "died") and is basically just the main board by itself with the tiny LED/power switch board. To my astonishment, when I plugged in the power cord, the red LED on the tiny board lit up. I hit the power button and it turned on! I was in such shock that I moved the board in my hands slightly and it turned off. I had been holding it by the edges, like you would a CD, and it slipped a little. Anyways, no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to work again. I checked (as I did so many times 3 years ago) for any bridged connections or anything. But I saw nothing out of the ordinary. Now I'm worried that if I didn't fry it 3 years ago, I might have now. I also thought perhaps the power cord's internal fuse might've blown so I tested the cord on a PSOne and it worked fine.

Is there a fuse I can jump? Is it possible a fuse blew 3 years ago and somehow it made a connection temporarily? Or something? Any other advice or thoughts would be appreciated. One thing I can definitely tell you though, it's not the little white ribbon cable. I had to replace that 3 years ago when I was still in the process of building the thing. I know how fragile it is and when the system "died" back then, I put it in a separate safe container. You know, just in case I ever got another PS2 and its ribbon cable died too or something. I unplugged it and replugged it just now, inspected it, etc. It's still pristine and I don't think it's the problem.