Interesting VGA setup...


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It would essentially just be extension cables, and you would build a thing like Benmoto did that you just hook up to the N64 when you want to use it. This would make portables much smaller, while retaining the ability to have multiplayer, A/V out, DCin, etc.
Actually not all vga cables are the same. I used a connectivity tester to check which ones to use and 4 of them were unusable because for some reason they were grounded. So I only had 11 working pins, I just barely had enough as long as I was using the outer rim for ground.

1. 3.3v
3. 1d
4. 2d
5. 3d
6. 4d
7. video
8. right audio
9. left audio
10. chroma

and outer rim for ground.
I was actually thinking about this the other day, then saw it on bentomos starlight. Bentomo- certain VGA cables cant carry power on certain pins?
Not, it was just that some of the pins were bridged to ground. It was just on this cable. Although I haven't tested many vga cables. I would advise testing it to see how many are usable.