I got a Power Player SJ3, and it's in PAL.


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Could anyone post hi-res pics of their NTSC SJ3 circuit boards so I can compare it with mine? Maybe there's a component to replace or a jumper to jump/unjump?
I used to have an NTSC power player. Now I noticed that the PAL Power Player runs slower than the NTSC one. Maybe the crystal on this Power Player is slower and swapping it out with a faster one and the same crystal as the NTSC one will make it work?

EDIT: Looking closer to other SJ3 board pics I could find on the net, the crystal on the NTSC boards is bigger than mine. I can't get the value though. >_<
Using an NTSC crystal should make it 60Hz, but the output will still be in PAL. Meaning you have to play games in B&W unless you have a PAL TV.