How would i go about replacing this screen?

How to replace the screen? It just unplugs from the motherboard. Much like how psone screen LCDs plug into the psone screenboard.
You have to replace the screen. I think DealExtreme has them. I don't know much other than that.
I wonder how much profit...


maybe i will Paint it with krylon fusion...I should ask Customnesguy about color schemes....would anyone buy it?
I wouldn't buy it but some people would. If you plan on seriously modding it you should go the whole nine yards and swap the case too.
Putting it in a DS Lite case would be epic, but I think it's impossible. And what I meant is get a new case instead of painting, though the result is pretty much the same.
I was going to use that krylon fusion stuff to make it white and light blue or something. But yeah, dealextreame has some awesome cases to. the guy hasn't responded yet...
Uhhg, sorry for double posting but i needed a bump for attention...

if a ds touch screen doesnt work, is it a screen fault? or a system fault? can it be fixed to?
The touch screen not working is USUALLY a problem with the touch screen itself, which can be replaced.

When ordering parts make sure to get the right ones, DS Lite ones won't work.
The touch screen is indeed easy to fix.

Do not expect to make any money on a DS Phat. Remember my all out modded N64 themed DS phat? That went for only $186 on ebay, and the DSi was not even announced at that point. For a custom painted DS Phat, you would be lucky to get $80 or so.

Easier ways to make money are out there, believe me.
CustomNESguy uses car airbrush paint, not Krylon Fusion. Also, the touchscreen is a separate panel from the actual LCD and they are about $3 shipped on ebay. The top screen is about $15 shipped. A 2-tone case might be cool...