How does I cool room?


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Every time I walk into my bedroom, where I spend most of my day, it is like opening the oven and getting a blast of hot air in your face. Except the hot air stays there and won't go away...

No AC because this house has some old * AC thing that would cost $5000 a month. I got fans coming out my * and all the windows open...

I can't afford to buy anything so suggest some stuff I might be able to do for free? :mrgreen:
get a bucket of icewater and blow a fan over it. That is how people used to cool off before air conditioners came to be.
not free, but works:
Get copper tubing and make a spiral to fit the back of the fan. Stick one end of the tubing in a bucket of ice water, the other end out the window or into some vessel to hold the water.

Turn on the fan and enjoy air conditioning.

Or this, or this.
Get an old fridge for free and mod it into an air conditioner. ;)

Actually, it IS possible. Difficult, but possible. The inner workings are almost the same.