Steam Portable / UMPC (new pics and video)

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the correct place for something like this, but I thought I'd make a small post about the portable I have been working on for the last few months. :lol:

This is my handheld umpc, its based around a Intel Compute Stick. Performance is low at the moment due to the intel atom processor, however seeing how the stick can be removed it can simply be upgraded by replacing the compute stick when a more powerful model is released.
Meanwhile it just enough to run fallout 3 at 30 fps at minimum details.

That's the plan anyway. :rolleyes:

Here are some photos:

This is a photo of the portable front on, excuse the roughness of the casing.


This is the back of the lcd, again terrible not sanded casing.


Ok, I shall explain what is happening here, there 4 wires on the left are the touchscreen signals, they are soldered onto a DSI breakout board which attached to a DSI ribbon so it can survive the repeated opening and closings the lcd hinge will undergo. The lcd ribbon goes to a 40 pin lvds converter board which is attached to a ffc ribbon for the same reason as the DSI ribbon. If needed both these cables can be replaced should they fail with relative ease since they are socketed.


This is the rear of the case you can see the bottom is slightly bowed, this happens when the unit has been on and gaming for a long while due to the lcd controller board getting toasty and causing it to expand slightly. I will at some point reprint this section in ABS instead of the PLA which should be more resistant to the temperature change.


Sorry for the awkward angle here, the wiring is quite tight, the power cables to the micro usb port would have to be de soldered to allow full access. On the right you can see the custom HDMI cable which runs through the unit to the Compute Stick. The board on the right is the usb touch screen controller and below it the other end of the DSI breakout board carrying the touch screen signals. Everything is screwed into standoffs which are glued to the back of the keyboard, this allows room for the cabling and some minor airflow.


This is the very messy area, I was trying to get the finished to take to an event so hot glue ended up being used. On the left is the usb audio card, right of this is the fan which pulls air from the other compartment and across the compute sticks new heat sinks. On the right is the usb keyboard reciever and usb hub.

So without further ado here are the tech specs:

800x480 resistive touchscreen
Quad core intel atom Z3735F
2GB DDR3 Ram
64GB UHS 1 Micro SD
Full QWERTY Keyboard
Trackball Mouse
ClamShell Design
Single USB 2.0

Things not present:
Internal battery pack (though can be powered happily via usb battery pack)
Internal Speakers

It was simply not possible to fit a battery pack with near decent runtimes without doubling the thickness of the device, internal speakers while planned and sourced had to be pulled to make room for cabling (yes it was that tight) :cry:

Anyway that enough delaying, here's a terrible video I just made of it:

And here is a less terrible video of the portable doing some gaming:
Re: Steam Portable / UMPC

Cheers for the kind words guys! :D

I shall take some pictures later today and update the thread, my tripod also arrived today so I might do a better (non shakey) video to show off game performance and such.