How do I properly mod a PSone screen with 4 LEDs?


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Argelfraster says my old screen is dead, so I need a new one. Unfortunately, since the mod in Ben's book fried my old screen, I need to know how to PROPERLY mod a PSone screen with 4 LEDs. All information would be helpful, types of resistors, a diagram on how to mod the thing, etc. Please, and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Palmer made this one.

Alright, so which wire connects the negatives to each other and the ground, and which connects the positives to... What do the positives go to, again?
the 7805 on the back. Located right here.


It's the red box labeled #1. That was put there for a different reason. All I posted it for was so that you could see where it was on the board it's self.

Sorry about the large image :oops: