Hip Gear Pinout Information?


I have been thinking about making either an N64, Genesis, or NES portable but didn't have a usable screen. I got lucky today though and found two Hip Gear screens for $5.00USD for both. One is for the Gamecube and the other is for a PS2. Does anyone have any helpful information as far as pinouts go?
I think the one she used is the kind that actually attaches to the controller. Mine is the type that attaches to the system itself. I'm not sure if the pinouts are the same. Thank you for a quick reply though.
Hip Gear made a console screen? You're on your own, nobody has ever used one before to my knowledge.
Nope, It's definitely Hip Gear.

From what I have found, The layout of the screen and adjustments seem almost identical to most all Gamecube system mounted screens.



Yep, I wanted to see what I could find out about the actual screen. Its a Casio screen with what looks like a sharp driver board. Casio wasn't any help though. The CS rep couldn't comprehend what I was asking him. I Guess I will just try to figure it out myself. My uncle is a computer specialist with a with a pretty decent knowledge of circuitry. Ill see if I can get his help and if we figure it out I will make a diagram.
You know it really isn't bad at all. I will try to get more pics up as soon as I get the whole thing put together.
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BTW, I started a wordpress blog and uploaded it there as well.


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