GBC Frontlight with NDS backlight


Hello, I know the classic ways of frontlighting the GBC (gba sp001/kit bought from web) but I have A LOT of NDS (Lite) screens that are broken or with dead pixels, but each one of them has the backlight perfectly working.
By disasssembling the LCD and the backlight layers, you end up basically with a clear panel with a row of smd leds attached below. When these leds get Voltage, they spread light all over the panel, making it a 100% frontlight kit.
So I wanted to make a frontlight GBC by using this frontlight panel, the only issue is this strip of leds require 12V to operate! I tried with 3/6Volts and nothing, they only turn on at 12V, and as far as I know there are no 12v spots on the GBC PCB (correct me if I'm wrong). I found only 3V and some 5v.
Any hope to make this project work?

I also bought from ebay a 5v to 12v amplifier but first I don't know how big it is, so I don't know if it will fit inside the case, and second, most of all, I don't know if that cheap contraption could really work.

Thanks for reading !
This has been here a while, but I just wanted to say you do get fairly small power converters that take in around 3.5 to 5 volts and produce varying output voltages. I used one with an Arduino and Nixi tubes that had to produce way more that 12 volts.
I'm pretty sure I have a very compact one somewhere that's capable of 12 volts.