Dreamcast Controller Pinout


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Yikes its been a long time gang, huh? I'm working on another Dreamcast portable and I want to get rid of that dumb ass daughter board for the controller. Holy god, does ANYONE have a pinout diagram from the controller to the main board? This website has re-organised since my last visit and I can't find flax. Searching didn't help either. Where's my OG's at? a big homie needs some help.


What I'm looking for is a direct connect from THIS bad boi:

To the motherboard in the earlier images. I couldn't find a pinout on Google either. Help a brotha out.
I'm not having much luck with it either. The dreamcast megasticky is completely barren. Looks like you're gonna have to grab the continuity tester and grind through it all. Good luck.
As far as other stuff, there seems to be some information floating around here that might be of use to you. Google still doesn't seem to be pulling up much of value for your question in particular, though.
Yeah, I was afraid I'd have to do that. I already have the finished CF mod and Region Free switch. Guess I'll grab my multi-metre and get started.

Okay, so I got it done, tested it and it works. The controller worked fine, but the fan didn't turn on, possibly because I didn't add the caps that goes between the 2 lines. But you can completely remove the controller board and connect the controller directly to the Main motherboard with this diagram:

Pinout for CN601 on the motherboards..


1 - GND
2 - 5v
3 - 5v
4 - 5v
5 - GND
6 - A0
7 - B0
8 - GND
9 - A1
10 - B1
11 - GND
12 - A2
13 - B3
14 - GND
15 - A3
16 - B3
17 - GND
18 - LED
19 - Batt VCC (for charging batt)
20 - Batt VCC

VA1 and VA2.1

1 - LED
2 - Batt VCC
3 - A0
4 - B0
5 - GND
6 - A1
7 - GND
8 - B1
9 - A2
10 - B2
11 - GND
12 - A3
13 - GND
14 - GND
15 - B3
16 - GND
17 - 5v
18 - 5v
19 - 5v
20 - Fan RPM
8 hate to necropost but hate making redundant posts even more. If what I'm doing is poor etiquette on the site, I apologize and will create a new post. Ok so, onto my reason for posting:

Years ago, in the original Xbox modding scene there was a hardware mod (this is a more recent post) that allowed us to have the DVD playback kit "plugged in" by use of a relay while leaving the port open for a wired controller. I used that mod for the Logitech wireless controller that was released way back when. Anyhow, I got to thinking about it and want to do this to my Dreamcast using the Brooks Wingman but can't find much info tearing down the Dreamcast controller board, do you have more information on the board? More pics of the tear down? I want to gather as much information as possible before doing this mod. I plan to release the information to the world when I'm successful.