1. A

    n64 Controller wire

    I will be getting an N64 again, and want to extend the reach of the wire so I can play comfortably from my couch. Can anyone tell me what type of wire I need to get to use so the controller still works normally?
  2. G

    Using 3ds joystick for custom controller

    Hello first of all I'm new to this forum so I hope I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm currently working on making a super portable controller that I can take with me said that I'm going to use 3ds joysticks since they're so low profile. I will be 3d printing the vas e it I know nothing about...
  3. Sonic4freedom

    Dreamcast Controller Pinout

    Yikes its been a long time gang, huh? I'm working on another Dreamcast portable and I want to get rid of that dumb ass daughter board for the controller. Holy god, does ANYONE have a pinout diagram from the controller to the main board? This website has re-organised since my last visit and I...
  4. B

    How do I wire my GC controller to my Game Cube?

    okay so I'm building my first portable console, and I'm stuck. I can't figure out how to wire the gamecube controller directly to the gamecube! I have a DOL-101 GC.
  5. MMumble

    Don't use new GC controllers for a portable.

    Don't use the new Gamecube controllers for a portable. I actually lost a controller doing this (It still works fine but I had to bust the plastic because the screws were broken) They melted some sort of plastic on the pins so that you cant re-pin the inputs (WHICH IS RIDICULOUS) Original...
  6. legofan623

    [$80] Custom RGB LED Gamecube Controllers

    EDIT: I have sold this particular controller now and cannot make any more of them I'm interested in getting into the custom controller business and this is my first go at something pretty neat that I hope there's a market for. This controller has 4 7-color RGB LED's inside a clear back shell...
  7. Keirstin Bloom

    GameCube portable player 2 slot?

    Hello modders! I am working on my first gamecube portable and came across something I couldn't seem to find much information on. I want to have a built in controller 1 (done) while also having an external port for player 2. I can't seem to find a diagram of how to wire p2 though. Any help...
  8. L

    Xbox one Hard Wired controller mod

    So I've been experimenting with this controller, and I've found a page that has EVERYTHING about it, to connector pin outs to test point labels: Using test points 1,2,5 and any random ground point, you can mimic the usb connector. I...