Help Needed For Homebrew/Rom Hacking Site


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Alright, back in May I bought a domain and hosting package for a site I was planning that would have things like the latest info on homebrew, emulation, and rom hacking, but I didn't get around to setting it up till recently. The site itself is pretty much done and now I'm looking for anyone that would be interested in being a Staff member and helping me out with forum moderation, new content, and helping build up the community. So if you're trusted here and are interested in helping me out, either shoot me a PM or reply here to let me know.

Maybe it could even develop a healthy relationship with ModRetro being that one site is for software mods and the other is for hardware mods. Also, I'm not going to post a link just yet so this won't be considered spam (Unless an admin says its okay), so if you want a link to check it out just PM me. ;)

EDIT: Also, if you want to contribute but don't want/have time to maintain a staff position, I will be making a new group called either "Founding Members" or "Supporting Members" that will be for those who helped build up the site/forum and this group will have special benefits as a "thank you" gift.
It's not spam to link to your site, or a good site, it's spam to link to a crap site full of viruses and spam. :dah:

Anyway, I'd be interested but I don't know spit about rom hacking or homebrew, sorry.
I could be Staff.
I have been in the PSP and Dreamcast Homebrew scene for a while.
Looking good.

Sadly, I have been out of most homebrew scenes for a while now. :( I used to be very involved in the Pokemon ROM hacking scene, I still have all my old work files and tools on an external drive somewhere. :mrgreen: In fact, I was into that long before I ever went to benheck!
Same here, Pokemon was one of the first games I tried hacking. A while back I found some old screenshots of a pokemon hack I was making based on the members of this forum I used to go to and I remember how everyone on the forum was amazed at the screenshots, but when I found them again I noticed how bad it was compared to what I could attempt now. :lol:
I know stuff about fan translations and emulator compatibility, but that's just about it.