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So, I have two hard drives that aren't working. I have no clue what was the reason they failed. One I bought that doesn't work, it came with the 5 dollar laptop and another hard drive that just failed. It was like 8 years old or something.

So, my first question is there anythign dangerous contained inside the hard drive that is toxic or radioative? I tried looking this up on google, but the question was to long and just brought up tons of junk.

Second, can I take those two hard drives and take pieces from each other to repair the other hard drive? So, maybe I can get one hard drive working?
The only way you're going to be able to use one to repair the other is if they are IDENTICAL. Same manufacturer, same model, same type, same size. This is, of course, assuming that you can open them up and swap parts without messing up the calibration of anything. In other words, not bloody likely, and next to impossible.

As for "radioactive", WTF! You've been watching way too many old sci-fi movies. No, you don't want to eat anything you find in your HDD, but it's nothing hazardous. A lot of metal, some electronic components, and that's about it. Some interesting bits if you're into sculpture, but not a whole lot that's really reuseable.
If you replace the HDD's board you need to make sure the replacement was manufacturers within 4 weeks or less of your broken one.

Srsly. :neutral2: